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Biography Artist from Treviso born in Arcade on May 18, 1952 and recognized among the emerging Italian contemporary painters. After attending technical schools, he decided to follow his innate artistic talent by attending painting courses and seminars in order to deepen his scientific and chemical knowledge of color.

He worked as a mechanical designer in an important industry in the lighting sector and at the same time he dedicated himself to painting.

Lover of art since childhood, he discovers his innate vocation for painting following the teachings of Mario De Tuoni and other authoritative masters of art from Treviso. His biography continues. Passionate student of color and its visual effects, Giromel deepens some personalized techniques by painting in oil landscapes inspired by the Treviso and Northern Italy.
His works show a sure ability in the realization of color effects, in the drafting of luminous and chiaroscuro effects that penetrate the pictorial material obtaining results of remarkable suggestion. In the multifaceted character of Sergio Giromel's production, the desire to leave users a concrete and tangible sign of his work emerged, there is the full awareness of the modern man and the contemporary artist who knows that he himself is the creator and spokesperson of a new linguistic reality to divulge. The representations denote the skilful use of coloristic scans, the consolidated ability to structure the whole through chiaroscuro games and the full mastery of the luminous vibrato with the light that innervates and penetrates the pictorial material, reviving and vivifying it.

Sergio Giromel participates in the artistic life by exhibiting his works from the 80s in art exhibitions, in Italy and abroad, winning prizes and important reports in various artistic competitions; his works receive flattering appreciation from well-known international critics, among these we remember the various reviews by Vittorio Sgarbi. He has obtained prestigious prizes and notable accolades from critics and audiences. His exhibitions are present in public and private collections in Italy and abroad, from Shanghai
in China at the International Art view in Vienna Austria.
Since 1985 he has been part of the Spresianese Artistic Group "GAS" holding the position of President.

He died in Visnadello (Spresiano) on March 31, 2015.


To Sergio because Love and Art, if they are true, do not die, they intertwine until they explode into a thousand shades, they never cease to vibrate and engrave, day after day, within us.


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