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The Complete Guide to Abstract Acrylic Painting Techniques

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What Makes a Painting Abstract?

Abstract paintings are the favourite choice of artists and art lovers nowadays! One reason for this could be because of its clean lines, striking colors and new forms that it exhibits. While other paintings have their own significance, abstract paintings, without any obvious reference to name or depict anything in detail, leave a lot open to interpretation which is why they are the most talked about.

The article introduces ideas about abstract paintings with some introduction points.

Abstract paintings with character, personality and expression.

Abstract art lies in the ambiguity of what exactly it is that the artist is trying to illustrate. There are many different styles, principles and philosophies that artists can employ when doing work in this genre. It most often deals with aspects of feeling and not objective visualization but there has been just about every major style employed by abstract artists in history.

Abstract painting is not about the descriptions of objects, but about the moods, feelings and emotions. Viewers should be able to create their own interpretation of what they see and make it personal for themselves.

Abstract paintings are more about shapes than subjects. There are no figures or subjects in abstract art. There is something vague, some attractive shapes which might create a jarring feeling with its emptiness.

The artist can let viewers read different meanings with his/her artwork by making his/her mark rather than decorating an object or a figure. The artist emphasizes upon enigmatic spaces or empty spaces which work as a metaphor of life and abysses between people.

All that might sound very vague but you get an idea once you take a closer look at pictures on abstract painters life styles, their themes and most importantly color panels in their paintings!

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