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Milano Art Gallery with Dalila Di Lazzaro

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On display the artistic variety of Sergio Giromel with Dalila Di Lazzaro

Great expectations for the collective exhibition "Artist's impressions" set up at the artistic space of the "Milano Art Gallery" in via Alessi 11, and which will open its doors on Saturday 7 March at 18.00. The event, organized by the manager of culture Salvo Nugnes, president of the "Spoleto Arte" association will be the artistic setting for an important conference on "Pain and hope" with the charismatic actress and writer Dalila Di Lazzaro as exhibitor. featured artists is also the variegated Sergio Giromel, with works of instant emotional magnetism. Sergio Giromel is also a participant in the collective exhibition which will take place from 9 May to 2 June at the Museo Gipsoteca Canova and which will see Professor Vittorio Sgarbi as an exceptional guest.

It has been said about the artist: "With the works of Sergio Giromel we witness the suspension of time because we face worlds worked in oil on canvas, frames and tables, real internal eyes where colors and lights of an imperious descriptiveness explode, like a liberation of synthesis daily between gaze and external realities, filtered into one's own inner condition. It is precisely in this search for synthesis that connections are needed and are born that are imposed between architectures, figures and landscapes and each theme has its own voice and characteristics of great vitality. Certain underlined details become symbolic moments, almost superimposed scenographies of theatrical stages of a Venice more dreamed and invented than real, but precisely because it is magical thanks to the superimposed and different architectures, it stimulates these pictorial reflections. The color is full, enriched by the gold leaf that reflects and refracts the sun's rays and makes the image warm. The works with female figures include solutions tending towards classicism, imposed by the theme, without flights and abstractions, but meditated and resolved in truthfulness. There is a desire to produce forms that respect the positive force of the body. The pictorial choices of landscape solutions exploit for Sergio Giromel the compositional richness and the desire to create references and suggestions, focusing on the strength of warm and cold colors and on the breaking of traditional canons to invent cracks and openings that mark new imaginary and fantastic worlds that we they carry within and beyond in a metaphysical search for possible realities, as if we were already witnessing a vital fragment and grasping the links between various expressions, but in a role of strong productive sensitivity ”.

edited by Dalila Di Lazzaro

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